Trust - Integrity - Transparency    We strongly believe that for excellence in corporate sustainability and governance is strongly bounded with ethos and values that must be vivid in the corporate related ecosystem of shareholders, employees, customers, partners and society. Ethos is culture, state-of-mind, DNA and way of living and behaving. Ethos creates strong relationships, commitment and spins the wheel with continuity and unity, Ethos for Customers and Partners Honesty, trust, integrity and commitment requires continuity in quality assurance and   use unexpected situations or problems for a better tomorrow. We seek partners and suppliers who sustain and cherish these values and create a very supportive chain of business continuity.

 Supporting authorities We strongly believe that we have to support the Agencies and Organizations who are working sleepless day and night in order to keep our society and our country safe and secure. Our commitment to continuous support includes sharing experience, donating necessary systems or accessories that are valuable for the daily operations and the continuous protection of our fellow citizens. Supporting the Community Besides business individuals working for the corporate excellence,we are active citizens who believe in supporting communities who need our assistance.