CONNECT powered by Samsung SDS EMM

Secure Unified Communications and Task Management Platform for Enterprise 

CONNECT is a Unified Command and Control Platform utilizing Push-to Talk-over-IP Technology 

On map voice, text, data, emergency and task exchange and assignments, direct group assignments on-the-fly or manually depending on the level of urgency of an incident, make the management of the most complex business operational requirement, easy, immediate and effective.

Location based voice, text and data services are available in an instant manner throughout a large scale participants. Check in and out with notification or alert provides speechless awareness whether a device is entering or leaving an allowed or forbidden area.

CONNECT Enterprise Suite provides cutting edge technology functionalities that allow the assigned managers, coordinators and decision makers to make decisions, assign tasks, optimize incident policies and in general manage the total Enterprise World

Command and Control Center

CONNECT is providing enhanced Command, Control and Communications services 

Unique and powerful Multi Maps functionality allows the administrator to deploy different maps in different screen, to zoom in or zoom out without losing the operational image that is always available in the main display of the system.

Group or private Communications, in a walkie-talkie stylish manner, that was famous in Police and Military technologies, is now properly sized to fit in the needs and enhanced requirements of all the hierarchy of enterprises. From top management, high security, critical and instant communications to employees routine speechless management and emergency support


With CONNECT we bring the power of Command ,Control and Communications at the palm of a smartphone, tablet or wearable

  • Group  PTT Calls
  • Private  PTT Calls
  • Group Short messages
  • Private short messages
  • E2E Full Duplex Calls
  • Emergency Call
  • DGNA
  • Unlimited Groups /Users per Group
  • Real-time high-resolution photo transmission
  • Video transmission
  • Data and files transmission
  • Multi Screen operations
  • Group Location
  • User Location
  • Geo Fence
  • Advanced Map Tools
  • Navigation Tools
  • Emergency button
  • Emergency Call
  • Man down Alert
  • Time alert
  • Map alert
  • Task management
  • Incident Management
  • Routine Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Mission Coordination

CONNECT is compatible with any terrestrial, aerial, maritime, wired or wireless IP communications network 

All communications instances can be exported in universal format for further assessment and simulation purposes

NFC and Barcode technologies are used to verify the physical presence of the device in the precise location of interest

CONNECT is integrated with Samsung SDS EMM and Samsung KNOX

US NIAP Common Criteria FIPS 140-2 MDM PP 2.0 TLS 1.2 MDM PP 4.0

The Knox Platform's patented Real-time Kernel Protection (RKP) is the industry's strongest protection against kernel threats and exploits. RKP works seamlessly out-of-the-box, with no setup required. Simply powering on a Samsung Knox device provides world-class threat protection and attack mitigation. RKP supports the rest of the Knox security offerings to provide full security coverage without the typical gaps anticipated with mobile devices.

EMM solution boasts the highest security standards, with validations from NIAP/CC, and the NSA CSFC program

EMM’s Admin Console provides a single pane dashboard view of activity, devices, and security violations across your organization

The Secure Push Channel for server-to-device communications skips cumbersome VPN systems by using TLS-secured data channels, providing quick data transfers and industry-leading delivery success rates

EMM’s on-premises approach keeps sensitive data on your servers, behind your enterprise security stack


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Airport Security

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