COMMAND powered by Samsung SDS EMM


A platform built from tactical people for tactical people, applying to all levels : strategic, tactical, and operational 

COMMAND is offered as an on prem solution to governmental authorities and agencies

COMMAND is a Unified  Command  and Control Platform utilizing Push-to Talk-over-IP Technology

PS LTE Ready, IoT ready , Compatible with all networks (GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, WIFI, SATELLITE)

An unmatched encrypted communications technology that maximizes its value and necessity when used by intelligence / governmental agencies at a local, regional, and/or global level 

COMMAND can meet any demanding level of communication needs that  helps  government special agencies to maximize  the operational effectiveness in the minimum time  and with the highest grade of security.

COMMAND is the most secure communications platform, in the tactical marketplace, using COTS smartphones and military friendly user interfaces and processes.

COMMAND is a force multiplier: field agents provide real time intelligence to the decision makers in the theater of operations.

Highest encryption security level including hardware encryption with algorithm of your choice. Government approved platform to protect classified data on Android-based devices

An ultra secure communications system that has successfully passed offensive interception and cyber penetration tests. The smartphone devices can not be hacked, and anything being stored cannot be compromised
and/or stolen

Facial / Suspect recognition application that provides real time intelligence. Apart from smartphones users, a network of CCTV cameras can be strategically mounted at various locations

Command and Contol Center

COMMAND is providing enhanced Command, Control and Communications services On map voice, text, data, emergency and task exchange and assignments, direct group assignments on-the-fly or manually depending on the level of urgency of an incident, make the management of the most complex business operational requirement, easy, immediate and effective Unique and powerful Multi Maps functionality allows the administrator to deploy different maps in different screen, to zoom in or zoom out without losing the operational image that is always available in the main display of the system
  • Group  PTT Calls / Private PTT Calls
  • Group Short messages / Private short messages
  • E2E Full Duplex Calls / Emergency Call
  • DGNA / Unlimited Groups / Users per Group
  • Real-time high-resolution photo and video transmission
  • Data and files transmission
  • Remote terminal management
  • GPS Server  and tracking
  • Multi Screen operations
  • Group Location / User Location / Geo Fence / Advanced Map Tools / Navigation Tools
  • Emergency button / Emergency Call / Man down Alert / Time alert / Map alert
  • Task management / Incident Managemen / Routine Management Emergency Management / Mission Coordination
  • Face / Suspect Recognition
  • Live video from Drones / UAVs
  • Remote terminal management

COMMAND Portable Command & Control Center


The unit includes COMMAND Server, 4G / LTE / WIMAX base station, satellite connectivity, 200 terminals and all the necessary components.

Apart from a local private 4G network, there is real time control (via satellite) with the central command and control center

Many Units create a vast network around the country: the system delivers under any circumstance or difficult situations

Instant creation of primary and subordinate groups, or on-the- fly talk/task groups for ad hoc purposes.

 Its an all-one-package that includes a powerful pc, three /six high definition monitors, microphone and Command and Control Center ready to go. 

Absolute flexibility to track, manage and follow-up on all incidents.

COMMAND Encryption and Security

Total control of you customized COMMAND system in terms or  licenses and sublicenses. The system is operating exclusively by the  assigned administrator(s) without any intervention from any company or  individual.

Training and guidance on national algorithm (proprietary or existing)  integration in the Samsung smartphones.

The government agency proceeds to the integration in a totally autonomous and self-managing  manner after completion of support and guidance courses

The system is a totally private and invisible global network. There is no  interference with other communications systems

COMMAND has successfully passed  multiple penetration tests and cyber-attacks by a number of agencies in  numerous countries. The offered smartphone devices offer paramount  security, unbreakable by government or private attackers, intruders,  interceptors and any threat physical or electronic.

Highest encryption security level including hardware   encryption with  multiple algorithms in numerous layers of security. Government approved  platform to protect classified data.

Biometrics authentication by using private on premises appropriate servers.

End to End terminal encryption , 256Bits , 3-7 Encryption Layers , RSA 2048 ,ECDSA

Integrated with Samsung SDS EMM High Security, Secure Phone and Samsung KNOX

US NIAP Common Criteria FIPS 140-2 MDM PP 2.0 TLS 1.2 MDM PP 4.0

The Knox Platform's patented Real-time Kernel Protection (RKP) is the industry's strongest protection against kernel threats and exploits. RKP works seamlessly out-of-the-box, with no setup required. Simply powering on a Samsung Knox device provides world-class threat protection and attack mitigation. RKP supports the rest of the Knox security offerings to provide full security coverage without the typical gaps anticipated with mobile devices.

EMM solution boasts the highest security standards, with validations from NIAP/CC, and the NSA CSFC program

EMM’s Admin Console provides a single pane dashboard view of activity, devices, and security violations across your organization

The Secure Push Channel for server-to-device communications skips cumbersome VPN systems by using TLS-secured data channels, providing quick data transfers and industry-leading delivery success rates

EMM’s on-premises approach keeps sensitive data on your servers, behind your enterprise security stack

Secured with CYBERCORE and Artificial Intelligence Cyber Defense


CYBERCORE is a unified platform that delivers the most innovative, complete, powerful and state-of- the-art solution in the marketplace, combining suites and technologies that result to the total security of the defended ecosystem and the immediate alert and protection of the system administrator against all existing fast and slow, instantaneous or zero-day attacks to the infrastructure or the endpoints


Artificial intelligence and machine learning present a significant opportunity to the cyber security industry. Today, new machine learning methods can vastly improve the accuracy of threat detection and enhance network visibility thanks to the greater amount of computational analysis they can handle. They are also heralding in a new era of autonomous response, where a machine system is sufficiently intelligent to understand how and when to fight back against in-progress threats



Facial recognition and person identification from thousands of cameras and mobile devices

Accuracy of more than 95% allows reliable identification of wanted individuals, even if they try to avoid surveillance cameras by looking away or covering their face

The ability to enroll an unlimited number of photos per individual further improved identification accuracy

Once an individual is reliably identified, law enforcement personnel can receive alerts on their radios or mobile devices, allowing nearly instantaneous response to approach and contact a target


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Use Cases

COMMAND can meet the most demand needs and requirements of governmental agencies

Governmental Authorities and Agencies 

Diplomatic Missions Abroad

State and Local Authorities

Special Agencies Operating Globally

Defense Forces



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