Trust and Integrity

20 Years 2000-2020


EYEONIX SA is the exclusive distributor and integrator for Greece and Cyprus for COMMAND powered by Samsung SDS. COMMAND is based on both EYEONIX SA and SAMSUNG SDS technologies and innovations https://www.samsungsds.com/europe/en/solutions/off/command/command.html

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CYBERCORE is a unified platform that delivers the most innovative, complete, powerful and state-of- the-art solution in the marketplace, combining suites and technologies that result to the total security of the defended ecosystem and the immediate alert and protection of the system administrator against all existing fast and slow, instantaneous or zero-day attacks to the infrastructure or the endpoints.

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EYEONIX has been established in 2000. For 20 consequent years the company focus in the technology peak and innovation, developing and delivering cutting edge technology systems and solutions. Participating in large academic and technological institutions the company maintains a state-of-the-art driven strategy, adjusting present needs in future-proof techniques

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EYEONIX SA is the exclusive distributor of SECUNET solutions in Greece. SECUNET is the largest specialist provider of IT security solutions in Germany. With our efficient products and tailor-made solutions, we are making a vital contribution to greater security in the digital world. The long-standing IT security partnership with the Federal Republic of Germany proves this impressively. SECUNET solution meet the NATO SECRET and NATO TOP SECRET standards.

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Aerovironment amphibious unmanned aerial systems are used by the Hellenic Coast Guard, based on a donation from the United States Ministry of Defence.Eyeonix is Aerovironment's exclusive partner in Greece and the Balkans. Aerovironment is the preferred vendor of the United States Defense Special Forces and many other international Defense customers. The company's priciple is to secure lives and advance sustainability through transformative innovation. The power of the company is shown in the breakthrough unmanned aircraft systems, perfected and refined over a half century. Whether they are warfighters searching for an enemy, border patrol agents searching for people in need of assistance, or telecom providers linking millions to the digital economy. AeroVironment systems are the preferred choice generating actionable intelligence reliably, creating a path to goals that would otherwise be unattainable.

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Thuraya offers mission critical communications through CRYPTTIA smartphone-based command and control system. Thuraya Telecommunications Company today announced the launch of CRYPTTIA, a unique command and control platform developed by EYEONIX SA.For the first time smartphone users can use unified Thuraya and cellular networks for mission critical, crisis management, defense and civil protection operations. CRYPTTIA is a global platform combining both terrestrial and satellite voice technologies to bring push to talk services to smartphone users.

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About Us

Who we are
EYEONIX SA , founded in 2000 , is a software factory with a vast experience in Secure Communications, C3i systems , Command and Control Centres and Cyber Defence for National Security , Defence, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security.
EYEONIX SA is a NATO SECRET and EURO SECRET CERTIFIED company and a NATO Certified manufacturer.
EYEONIX SA is producing high end technology solutions for Governmental Agencies that are certified and distributed globally from a Multinational Global Leader in Telecommunications and Electronics.
EYEONIX SA is a company striving for innovation at the highest technological peak. EYEONIX SA is a selected partner for some of the most respectful companies in the area of Artificial Intelligence Cyber Defence, E2E Encrypted Calls and NATO TOP SECRET Systems that are used from European Governments for Inter-Agency communications.

What we do
  • Research and software development
  • Unified Encrypted Group Communications Platforms development
  • Development of sophisticated Cyber defense platforms
  • GTS Platform development
  • Defense targeting platform
  • Turn key solutions, implementations, integrations services
  • Special Intelligence and Security solutions
  • After sales continuous support services

About Us

Unified Communications, Command and Control

COMMAND powered by Samsung SDS iReport, Intelligence gathering and reporting


COMMAND powered by Samsung SDS

COMMAND powered by Samsung SDS is a Unified Command and Control Platform utilising Push-to Talk-over-IP Technology. COMMAND is able to meet any demanding level of communication needs that helps government special agencies to maximize the operational effectiveness in the minimum time and with the highest grade of security.

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iReport , gathering intelligence and reporting platform

PS LTE Ready, IoT ready , Compatible with all networks (GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, WIFI, SATTELITE) A platform built from tactical people for tactical people, applying to all levels : strategic, tactical, and operational. BYOD. No need for specifics devices

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Encryption and E2E full duplex voice calls



SECUNET is the largest specialist provider of IT security solutions in Germany. With our efficient products and tailor-made solutions, we are making a vital contribution to greater security in the digital world. The long-standing IT security partnership with the Federal Republic of Germany proves this impressively. SECUNET employees are recognised experts and have a profound understanding of cryptographic processes as well as their practical application. Paired with our corporate culture of openness and lateral thinking, this expertise enables us to break new ground in IT security and develop creative solutions for our customers and the wider market. SECUNET therefore regularly sets new standards and plays a significant role in the development of future security technologies for particularly sensitive information.

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BlackBerry SecuSmart , SecuSUITE for Government

Secure Mobile Voice Communication for Android and iOS SecuSUITE for Government is a multi-platform solution for end-to-end encryption of voice calls and text messages. Available on iOS and Android™, it connects calls quickly, keeps them secure and ensures excellent voice quality. It works globally, across network barriers and across all mobile networks. Deployed securely on premise (or hosted in a certified third-party data centre or a data centre trusted by the client), it can be managed centrally and end users can be enabled over the airSecuSUITE® for Government can facilitate mission critical operations. Foreign mobile networks are prone to man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks and a remote attacker can compromise personal and national security. SecuSUITE® for Government not only allows personnel to exchange fully secure voice and data communications with other mobile devices, but also supports fully encrypted voice calls out of any foreign network back to the caller’s home network, allowing personnel to make secure ‘breakout’ calls to landlines. Secure communications are essential for national security From senior military advisors deployed to foreign war zones to diplomats attending economic summits abroad, government workers need to be able to make secure ‘breakout’ calls from their mobile device to any landline back home. With encryption protecting the call – from the mobile device all the way back to the crypto gateway installed in the organisation’s trusted network – eavesdroppers can’t hear a thing.

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METALOGIC, Face / Suspect recognition for Public Safety

Facial recognition and person identification from thousands of cameras and mobile devices Accuracy of more than 95% allows reliable identification of wanted individuals, even if they try to avoid surveillance cameras by looking away or covering their face Higher algorithm efficiency enables lesser hardware to more highly perform

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Artificial Intelligence Cyber Defense



CYBERCORE is a unified platform that delivers the most innovative, complete, powerful and state-of- the-art solution in the marketplace, combining suites and technologies that result to the total security of the defended ecosystem and the immediate alert and protection of the system administrator against all existing fast and slow, instantaneous or zero-day attacks to the infrastructure or the endpoints.

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The Enterprise Immune System is a self-learning cyber AI technology that detects novel attacks and insider threats at an early stage. Modeled on the human immune system, the Enterprise Immune System learns and understands ‘self’ for everyone and everything in the business, and can spot the subtle signals of an advanced attack — without relying on rules, signatures, or prior assumptions. Antigena Network is the world’s first Autonomous Response solution for the enterprise. Powered by self-learning AI, it is the only solution that can interrupt attacks at machine speed and with surgical precision, even if the threat is targeted or entirely unknown.

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Mobile Management and Security



Keep up with the mobile revolution Safeguarding sensitive corporate data gets more difficult every day. Our EMM solution satisfies international standards for computer security certification (CC) by letting administrators centrally manage employee access and protecting data with next-generation security protocols. We give you more effective and consistent device management and increased security across your organisation.

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Every Knox device is built from the hardware chip up to isolate, encrypt, and secure your data – including confidential files, credit card transactions, passwords, and health data – so you can protect everything you care about.The Knox product suite allows enterprise IT admins to address business needs throughout the entire device lifecycle. Easily secure, deploy, and manage mobile devices for business use, while allowing employees to stay productive.Protect your business with multi-layered defense-grade security platform including advanced security and management features.

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BlackBerry UEM Unified Endpoint Management with Industry-leading Security

Single Solution for Device and App Management With its single management console and trusted end-to-end security model, BlackBerry UEM provides the flexibility and security you need in a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution to keep your employees connected and protected.BlackBerry UEM provides an integrated view of users, devices, apps and policies, across multiple ownership models and platforms, including iOS, Android™, Windows 10®, macOS, and Chrome OS.1

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Advanced Threat Prevention With the market’s highest threat catch rate, you’ll stay protected from malware, phishing, Man-in-the-Middle attacks, OS exploits, and more.SandBlast Mobile offers enterprise mobile security that protects against threats to the OS, apps and network. Leveraging Check Point’s best-of-breed threat prevention technology, SandBlast Mobile offers the highest threat catch rate in the industry without impacting device performance or user experience.

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Protects against phishing, man-in-the-middle and replay attacks with strong authentication Incorporates FIDO-certified security protocols, including public key cryptography/ infrastructure (PKI) Ensures security key and biometric information never leave the mobile device; no server-side secrets or link-ability between services or accounts.Facilitates higher user adoption: no need to remember passwords, no manual typing Works with smartphones that consumers/employees use every day. Delivers a consistent user authentication experience to access various services.

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Secure documents and Email Hub


Secure document rights management

RightsManager enables best document security practices by allowing you to encrypt documents locally, so there is no need to upload unencrypted documents to an unknown server or file sharing site. You maintain complete control of your source files at all times.Once your files are encrypted, go ahead and share files securely through all the normal channels—email, website, intranet, cloud storage sites or removable media. Recipients authenticate through a client/server interaction, denying access to any unauthorised recipients. With granular permissions policies for access, editing, printing and sharing, you can ensure recipients can only see what they need to.

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Secure Email Server on premises

Secure professional email with own domain Mail, Calendar, Files, Chat, Video calls Email is where most work starts these days. And where it eventually concludes. So it only makes sense to have it integrated with other components making up the overall context. Plan a meeting right from your email. Find a contact when composing your calendar event. Send an email from a team chat room. Edit a document right in the conversation where it’s been shared.

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tactical solutions


UAV operation allows for seamless flight with minimum human interference and error. We beat industry standards in flying, command and information delivery. Our UAS is simple, ergonomic, heavy-duty and efficient. We provide a range of payload solutions and integrate any required. 24 hours autonomous flight, 2500 kilometers range.

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Unmanned Aircraft Systems When ground forces must advance on the battlefield, they can be certain. When law enforcement must mobilize in times of potential danger, or first responders rush to find the lost or injured—they can all be certain because of AeroVironment's small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). It's a certainty that comes in the way of real-time video and thermal data, covering a wide area, and wirelessly transmitted to a hand-held ground control unit. Delivering systems with unrivalled flexibility and capability, AeroVironment's specialized portfolio of UAS provide critical intelligence and high precision strike capabilities that can mean the difference between failure and certain success.

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FORTEM Counter Drone System

Airspace Security and Defense. SkyDome® System is the market leader in monitoring and securing the world’s airspace.SkyDome Manager is our adaptable AI software that fuses TrueView® radar and other sensor inputs to autonomously monitor any environment in 3D. By detecting and assessing airborne threats with its ThreatAware™ Software, SkyDome Manager anticipates vulnerabilities and can alert personnel or launch DroneHunter® to neutralize dangerous or malicious drones. The SkyDome System is the only platform that achieves total airspace awareness, safety and security.

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EYETAC is a standalone software application that gives the power to individual war fighters to: Acquire a target remotely and completely stealthy. Improve their Situational Awareness with an innovative way called 4D Augmented Reality (4DAR). Pass the targeting information immediately to a variety of strike platforms. EYETAC cannot be detected so leaves no choices to the enemy. The situation is totally controlled.

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Special Solutions


Advanced GTS Server and Tracking

A robust and feature-rich client-server GPS application with fleet management and critical asset tracking capabilities. The platform can simultaneously track devices with any known protocol (GPS, TETRA, GSM, satellite phones and others). Special version for Law Enforcement Agencies available

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Cellphones and transmission detection

Deploy as a standalone or network device depending on your environment. Detects all cell phones in all countries (standby, texts, data and calls). Detects all protocols including 2G, 3G, 4G, GSM, CDMA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.

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Novel patented marker technology which relies on SERS (Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy) for detection. Uses ≥1 of a range of unique molecules at ppb (parts per billion) levels to mark fuel. Not possible to detect this with normal analytical techniques. EYECHIPER has licensed the patent rights for producing stable silver colloidal nano-particles to increase the sensitivity of analysis by 5-6 fold .

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DNA Marking

SelectaDNA property markers contain thousands of microdots which allow Police to identify property at the scene in a matter of seconds. Thieves can no longer get away with possessing stolen property when confronted by Police. UV tracers are incorporated in SelectaDNA to make it easy for Police to find thieves who have been sprayed with SelectaDNA and property that has been marked.

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Information Security Governance and Risk Management Services

It is well known that the security program need to be constantly better, it is not always easy to accomplish because “better” is a vague and non quantifiable concept. We have the knowhow to improve a security programs by knowing where to start from, where the organization need to go, and the steps we need to take in between. The Security program will have maturity levels, and each maturity level will represent an evolutionary stage.We accomplish this by following 4 steps:Plan and organize, Implement, Operate and maintain ,Monitor and evaluate ,We also provide, Risk assessments, Threat identification, Vulnerability identification, Control analysis, Business Impact Analysis, Risk mitigation, and Control

IT infrastructure hardening

Our solutions, which work in the datacenter of the organization or in the cloud, include:Reliable, redundant and secure file storage. E-mail security, continuity and archiving. Secure voice communications. Private messaging with end-to-end encryption. Collaboration and document management. Elastic, scalable cloud hosting and security-optimized development.Web application security & firewalling.Secure Communications over Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Host or network Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS).Data Link Prevention (DLP). Cryptographic algorithms used for confidentiality (encryption algorithm) DES Triple DES AES Serpent Twofish.Cryptographic algorithms used for integrity (Hashing algorithm) HMAC-SHA1 SHA-512

Security Analysis and Auditing Services

We follow globally accepted frameworks, standards and best practices to evaluate personnel, organizational structure, processes, operations, IT facilities and infrastructure, sys-ems, networks, projects or products.Depending on the size and the needs of the organization. We conduct analytical evaluations and provide detailed documentation on the findings with recommended solutions.

Cloud Services

We follow the trends of the technology and tries to make the most of it. In science, cloud computing is a synonym for distributed computing over a network and means the ability to run a program on many connected computers at the same time. Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale similar to a utility (like the electricity grid) over a network. At the foundation of cloud computing is the broader concept of converged infrastructure and shared services. The cloud also focuses on maximising the effectiveness of the shared resources. Cloud re-sources are usually not only shared by multiple users but are also dynamically re-allocated per demand.

Contact Us

  • 34 Vourvachi Str. 11743 ,Athens , Greece



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