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Eyeonix transportation solutions apply to manage fleets of commercial vehicles and to passenger vehicles to add increased safety, quality, comfort and convenience for drivers. Vehicle telematics can create connected cars where enjoying seamless entertainment regardless of the location; and can help to monitor automotive fleet - allowing to provide immediate response to vehicle failure and early indicators of looming vehicle issues, route changes and requests for directions.

Our fleet management solutions are vehicle-based systems that incorporate data logging, satellite positioning and data communication. Vehicle management is imed to optimize the performance of the vehicle and the driver by monitoring a wide range of parameters, helping to mitigate risk, reduce cost and manage rising complexity.

Transportation asset tracking systems can help to protect valuable properties and find ways the assets more productively. Assets can be tracked  in real time to reduce equipment thefts, cut maintenance costs, or drive profits.

EYEONIX transportation solutions are being adopted by air, rail and marine carriers for monitoring the location, temperature, pressure, humidity (and other metrics) of cargo shipped or managing the fuel supplies and fuel consumption or engine performance, even to enable rapid location and recovery in emergency situations.

Mobile solutions enables connected navigation that can provide an overlay of real-time traffic events and conditions, weather information and POIs on a navigation map. Mobile cellular technology can also enhance the GPS to provide a perfect navigation experience.

The synergy with automotive technology helps improve the flow of traffic and makes it possible to use intelligent telematics services that improve drivers safety, provide them with information, and allow their vehicles to be maintained more efficiently.

Passenger services, tram and rail networks, and bus systems can benefit of telematics to deliver free or paid wifi services utilizing fully managed and customizeable hotspots.

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