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With the EYETAC application fighters can:

This tri-fold process offers absolute spatial and temporal tactical superiority for the duration of the mission.

EYETAC cannot be detected so it leaves no choices to the enemy. The situation is totally controlled.

EYETAC s/w utilizes the UAV video feed (or any other aerial IMINT source video stream i.e. Recce pods, Targeting pods, etc) to directly extract (rip) the target coordinates stored within it (as metadata). It does that by running advanced algorithms that associate each individual video pixel to its corresponding ground coordinates. When the mouse pointer hovers over the video window the actual geographic coordinates are displayed.

As a collateral outcome of this process,  “drapes” the UAV video dynamically over the actual location it originates from. The user sees the real time UAV video feed floating over the mapping background. This procedure “geo-references” the UAV video and it substantially improves the user’s Situational Awareness since the contents of the video are now precisely referenced with regards to the surrounding environment. This process is known as 4D Augmented Reality  (4DAR) since it places the observers to the actual operation environment as if they were really there.  

NEMESiS performs its tasks on both 2D or 3D terrain digital elevation data. It has been extensively tested on several field trials within the US and abroad (Thailand, Greece) under US DoD sponsorship and in conjunction with fielded UAS such as the USMC RAVEN, WASP and PUMA. NEMESiS is currently fielded with various NATO Special Forces under customized configurations.

EYETAC forwards targeting data achieved via the 4DAR process, directly to various Ground, Maritime and Aerial weapon platforms. EYETAC transmits the targeting data to A/C, H/C, MLRS battalions or any platform that can accept geographic coordinates for targeting purposes. Even unattended infantry machine guns can accept the IDM protocol targeting data and slew towards the target autonomously.

EYETAC is a proven platform and its modules are heavily tested in NATO and US military camps. Field tests are made in more than 25 speechless daCAS operations and a total amount of 100+ military jets have being dedicated to the tests. EYETAC is currently fully interoperable with Aerovironment’s sUAVs, Carl Zeiss Optronics LRFs, i-BEAM BFT radios, Symetrics IDM TDLs.