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EYEONIX ICT division offers a real-time Internet interception, monitoring and forensics system that captures, decodes, and reconstructs various types of Internet traffic. It is commonly used for organization Internet behavioral monitoring, auditing, record keeping, forensics analysis, and investigation, as well as, legal and lawful interception for lawful enforcement agencies such as Police Intelligence, Military Intelligence, Cyber Security Departments, National Security Agencies, Criminal Investigation Agencies, Counter Terrorism Agencies etc. It also can provide a compliance solution for many standards or acts like Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), HIPAA, GLBA, SEC, NASD, E-Discovery and many others.

Eyeonix solutions are capable of decoding, reassembling, and reconstructing various Internet applications and services such as "Email (POP3, IMAP and SMTP), Webmail (Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail etc.), Instant Messaging (Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, QQ, Google Talk, IRC, UT Chat Room, Skype), File Transfer (FTP, P2P), Online Games, Telnet, HTTP (Link, Content, Reconstruct, Upload and Download, Video Streaming), VOIP (optional module) etc.

The offered systems come with a wide variety of management and administrative functions and features. They provide the user various types of reports with Up-Down View. Reports that can be created include Total Throughput Statistical Report, Network Service Report (Daily, Weekly basis), Top Websites etc. All statistics can be displayed in per IP Address or per User Account basis.

The system provides a variety of search functions. It provides Free Text Search (search by Key Words with Boolean support), Conditional Search, Similar Search and Association with Relationship Search. It also comes with Alert and Notification (Throughput, Conditional and Key Words Alert) functions that allow the network administrator to setup different alert rules and parameters. This allows an alert to be triggered (email to be sent to the administrator) once the specified content is found in the captured and reconstructed content.

The Backup function allows a user to back up the captured raw data files or reconstructed contents. The user can setup auto backup to backup these files to external drives (NAS or SAN) through FTP upload method. Also, the user can opt for manually backing up these files by burning them onto a CD/DVD or download them to a local hard drive/PC.

Other functions available are: Bookmark, Capture File List (Comparing the content of two files), Online IP List, Authority Assignment, Syslog Server, etc. Others functions include hashed export (backup), file content comparison, etc.

Information Security Governance and Risk Management Services

The Security program will have maturity levels, and each maturity level will represent an evolutionary stage.

We accomplish this by following 4 steps:

  1. Plan and organize
  2. Implement
  3. Operate and maintain
  4. Monitor and evaluate

Eyeonix also provides Risk Assessments, Threat Identification, Vulnerability Identification, Control Analysis, Business Impact Analysis, Risk mitigation, and Control.  

Security Analysis and Auditing Services

Eyeonix follows globally accepted frameworks, standards and best practices to evaluate personnel, organizational structure, processes, operations, IT facilities and infrastructure, systems, networks, projects or products.

Depending on the size and the needs of the organization, Eyeonix conducts analytical evaluations and provide detailed documentation on the findings with recommended solutions.

Organization secrets are commonly being stolen by internal and external entities; systems are being hijacked; communications channels are eavesdropped; Organization’s funds are being secretly siphoned off through complex and hard-to-identify digital methods, and organizations find themselves in the crosshairs of attackers.

Our customized IT security products and services are tailored to customer needs. But this is not enough, Eyeonix helps organizations to lay out a pathway of how to improve their security program.

Security Training and Awareness Programs

Security policies, standards, procedures, baselines, and guidelines often are not shared, explained, or used. To be useful, they must be put into action. Eyeonix can provide awareness training, manuals, presentations, and newsletters to all staff members associated with information assets, in regular intervals.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale similar to a utility (like the electricity grid) over a network. At the foundation of cloud computing is the broader concept of converged infrastructure and shared services.

The cloud also focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of the shared resources. Cloud resources are usually not only shared by multiple users but are also dynamically re-allocated per demand.

Eyeonix offers custom build software as a service services on cloud platforms and focuses on providing robust and secure IT solutions for organizations that seek to control both the risks and the costs of their datacenter.

IT Infrastructure Hardening

In our days, data is the most valuable asset of an organization. Eyeonix provides robust IT solutions for organizations that seek to control risk and costs on or off their datacenters.

Our solutions, which work in the datacenter of the organization or in the cloud, include:

System and File Encryption

System encryption provides the highest level of security and privacy, because all files, including any temporary files that the Operating system and applications create on the system partition, hibernation files, swap files, etc., are always permanently encrypted (even when power supply is suddenly interrupted). The operating system also records large amounts of potentially sensitive data, such as the names and locations of files you open, applications you run, etc. All such log files and registry entries are always permanently encrypted too. System encryption involves pre-boot authentication.

Secure Communications over Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network, such as the Internet or unsecure network. It enables the user to send and receive data and voice across shared or public networks as if it were directly connected to the private network. This is done by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of encrypted connections.

Eyeonix builds VPNs which can be either remote-access (connecting an individual computer to a network) or site-to-site (connecting two networks together). In a corporate setting, remote-access VPNs allow employees to access their company’s internal services from home or while traveling outside the office, and site-to-site VPNs allow employees in geographically disparate offices to share one cohesive virtual network.

VPN systems may be classified by:

To prevent disclosure of private information, VPNs typically allow only authenticated remote access and provide security by the use of tunneling protocols and encryption. The VPN security model provides:

VPN Internet Services and Communications Security

VPN is a set of tools which allow networks at different locations to be securely connected, using a public network as the transport layer.

VPNs use cryptography to provide protections against eavesdropping and active attacks.

VPNs are most commonly used today for telecommuting and linking branch offices via unsecure WANs.

Eyeonix VPN solution is a SSL/TLS software solution that integrates

VPN server capabilities, enterprise management capabilities, simplified VPN Client software packages for Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and iOS environments.

Eyeonix VPN solution supports awide range of configurations, including secure and granular remote access to internal network and/ or private cloud network resources and applications with fine-grained access control.


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