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Eyeonix manufactures products to protect police and civilian guards from armed attack. The first product was a one-man guard house, but since then the range has grown to include a variety of sizes.

EYEONIX 1 Person Model

The modern, practical solution for bulletproof guarding facility that is both portable and permanent, practicable and user - friendly.

It can be used anywhere. It does not require local infrastructure and is widely used by with police and private security organisations.

This model is ideal as a permanent installation outside key public buildings, embassies, official residences.

EYEONIX 2 Persons Model

These guard houses can be used anywhere. They do not require local infrastructure and have been widely in use with police and private security organisations.

EYEONIX 3 Persons Model

The larger units are designed to be much more purposeful in that they can accommodate up to 3 men and lots of equipment, but are also big enough to be fitted with bunk beds, a wc and a small kitchen if required especially, if they are located in remote places where there is little or no external support (i.e. no shops, toilets).

Additionally given that they can be made self-sufficient, they can also be used in ‘lock-down’ situations if a total emergency security situation exists.

EYEONIX 4-6 Persons Model

These are our largest models which can be provided as either individual units or parts of a modular building which can be constructed up to any size and configuration desired.

They can either be installed permanently or relocated at a later date if their function is short term.


Our guard houses can also be mounted on a wheeled chassis.    

Two versions are available, lightweight for maneuvering locally or heavyweight for full road-towing use. 

The specifications are same as static versions but are limited to a width of 1.8 metres. 

The road-tow version is particularly useful for rapid deployment in emergency situations and for short term use to provide event security.

Freedom Level I, II, III, IV, IV+

Freedom Guard Houses for one and two-man units are available in “Flat-pack” (CKD) form for final on-site assembly which, apart from being cheaper, reduces the cost of shipping and storage. All units are portable and most can be carried inside normal shipping containers.