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Four cornerstones make up the innovative Eyeonix PTT solution:

Client communication through mobile devices and tablets, literally on your fingertips.   

Borderless Command and Control station from your desktop.

Authorized administrator for content settings, functionalities configuration, groups, users and teams management

Multi Network Connectivity (TETRA networks, Internet. WLAN, GSM, WiMAX, WiFi, PBX, PSTN, SIP, Eyeonix Network)

Astra 911

Eyeonix distributes the GSM device ASTRA 911, a full ruggedized GSM Android Smartphone, with VHF/UHF simultaneous support.

Sonim XP7 is the cornerstone of Sonim’s Mission Critical Solution. An ultra-rugged, LTE/WiFi/Android smartphone, the XP7 is outfitted with unrivaled features such as a touch screen that can be viewed in direct sunlight and easily used with dirty or wet work gloves.

An extra loud speaker, noise cancellation, powerful battery, resistance to drops and water and a 3-Year comprehensive warranty are just some features of the XP7 that provide peace of mind to enterprises and workers alike.

Access to vertical enterprise worker safety and productivity applications as well as a full suite of industrial-grade accessories completes the solution. In extreme and often dangerous working environments where every step is critical, you don’t settle for less than the best – Sonim XP7.


ECOM Smart Ex-01

An ultra-rugged, LTE / WiFi / Android™ smartphone, the Smart-Ex 01 comes with unrivalled features:

Savox Promate: BTH-101 Professional BT PTT headset, BTR-155 BT Remote Speaker Microphone

Promate Bluetooth Push-To-Talk provides clear audio in all transport environments. Improved efficiency by the new SAVOX Promate Push-To-Talk enable Bluetooth devices, the BTH-101 Professional BT PTT headset and the BTR-155 BT Remote Speaker Microphone. Push-To-Talk enabled smartphones and data collection devices on the high speed networks provides a unique and sustainable efficiency improvement to any commercial organisation.

Savox Promate products are ideal for communications within the transportation industry. Like a portable radio accessory, the Promate Push-To-Talk (PTT) products allow users to communicate wirelessly through their mobile phones. Just a simple push of a button and the user has instant communication with anyone on their team using a PTT application.

Operating on LTE, 4G, 3G and WIFI networks, push-to-talk platforms are becoming universal in the marketplace. The Promate BTR-155 Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) and BTH-101 Bluetooth Headset are the perfect accessories for solving communications issues within the transportation industry. Full duplex, these products offer the simplicity of no dialing, no texting, and no waiting for a phone to ring. Users can keep their phone in their pocket and communicate wirelessly to one or more people. Both products are rugged in design and work in many extreme environments.

RSM-30 remote speaker microphone

Designed for feature phones, smartphones and tablets, the Savox Promate RSM-30 is a rugged remote speaker microphone with push-to-talk and full duplex call functionality, large buttons for use with gloves, IP 55 protection level and a variety of optional earpieces to make your work easier.

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