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These bulletproof solutions follow the same principle of guard houses, and according to your specifications they can accommodate   up to 12 people in a single unit but many more if the buildings are supplied in modular form for connecting together on site.

Our products for one and two-man units are available in “Flat-pack” (CKD) form for final on-site assembly which, apart from being cheaper, reduces the cost of shipping and storage. All units are portable and most can be carried inside normal shipping containers.

The standard focus specification includes air-conditioning, gun ports, roof mounted search lights, intercoms, external, telephone and can be supplied with clear, tinted or fully mirrored windows. They also come with an emergency evacuation system and can be fitted with toilets, kitchens and beds if required. The freedom units can be supplied in basic ‘shell-only’ form or may also be fitted with the full range of focus accessories.

Larger buildings can also be used as command centres, field hospitals, emergency panic rooms etc.

Non-standard designs can be produced to a client’s own specification and all comply with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) ballistic standard Level IV or higher (NATO NCAGE CODE: G1954), NSN: 5410-23-1144173.

Our products are tested under both laboratory conditions and live firing demonstrations. All of the steel and glass used in the manufacture of bullet proof products are tested by NATO registered and approved laboratories to ensure that the materials comply with, or exceed, the requirements of the US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standard 0108.04 Ballistic Resistant Protective Materials. The standard specifies the testing methods and outcomes for a range of ammunition types, the highest being Level IV which demands resistance from .30 cal (7,62x51 NATO) rounds and which is the minimum performance achieved by our product range.

Live firing demonstrations are also carried out for potential customers, either at our factory or at the clients’ facility, where the products are exposed to extreme testing. A range of calibres of ammunition up to .50 cal (12.7x99 NATO) machine gun rounds are fired at the products. The biggest test to date involved the firing of over 120 rounds at a 2-man focus guard house without achieving a single penetration of either the steel or glass.